John Eilermann: Must-Visit Watering Holes in St. Louis

Rumor has it that the people of St. Louis know how to party. In this blogger’s humble opinion, the strong following that these local pubs continue to enjoy proves that they’re pretty special. This coming weekend, check out these watering holes for fun, drinks, and a ton of surprises!

Note: The following reviews are not sponsored posts. They were paid from the own pocket of John Eilermann from St. Louis.

Taste Bar

While not strictly a drinking place, Taste Bar still deserves a spot on this list for its unique cocktails. Some of my top picks in this upscale dining and drinking establishment are Tuxedo Begins (gin and berry flavor) and Aesthetic of Prisms (cognac with fresh herbs) which I ordered with a bowl of Bison chili and Lamb Meatballs. Don’t be intimidated by the brick walls and marble tables; once you step inside and have a drink or two, you’ll surely have a different impression of Taste Bar (hopefully for the better).

Visit Taste Bar at 4584 Laclede Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63108

Amsterdam Pub

If you’re a soccer or “football” fan, this is the sports bar to go to when it’s the World Cup or there’s any other game worth watching. I love going to Amsterdam Pub for its laid-back atmosphere. I can sit here for a few hours on my own and feel right at home. They even allow you to grab a burger from this little joint called The Dam right next door! Prices are also friendly which is a definite plus.

Visit Amsterdam Pub at 3175 Morganford Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63116

33 Wine Bar

Do you know your wine? If not, head on to 33 Wine Bar for wine classes and tasting. I’m not really a wine drinker myself, but 33 Wine Bar deserves a mention for its cozy interiors and excellent customer service. The owner, Jeff, was thoughtful enough to stop by my table and ask me how I was doing and if I would like some help with wine and cheese pairings. I obliged and the cheese spread did not disappoint. I left 33 Wine Bar feeling a little more dapper and sophisticated. A must-visit and date place to bring your special someone.

Visit 33 Wine Bar at 1913 Park Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63104.

Do you have any bars and watering holes you’d like to recommend? Let me, John Eilermann of St. Louis, know and I might just feature your recommendations next!