John Eilermann: Visit the Best Watering Holes in St. Louis

There’s more to St. Louis than its smoked ribs and pulled pork. With a thriving food scene in the last few years, it only seems natural for this movement to spill over to the city’s pool of bars and drinking spots.

If you’re looking for the best watering holes in the area, you can find all the information you need here, which I’ve gathered from my personal experiences in these various establishments. This is John Eilermann from St. Louis by the way.

Manchester Public House

Most of the patrons at Manchester Public House are professionals who work nearby looking to unwind and enjoy the afterhours. Yuppies and their group of friends are a common sighting during happy hour, but this bar and restaurant can also get crowded on a weeknight. This only means they’re doing something right in terms of their food and beverage offerings. Aside from the excellent beer selection, I highly recommend going to Manchester’s for their Southerner Sandwich and BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza with a pint or two of dark beer.

Visit Manchester Public House at 6655 Manchester Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63139

Venice Café

If Venice Café were a person, loud and proud would sum up his personality. The eclectic interiors and live bands are enough to lure you into becoming a regular customer. More bar than a café, the only drawback at this watering hole is they only accept cash, so be sure to have your wallet ready. This shouldn’t be that big a deal though, as the drinks, music, and friendly bartenders are sure to keep the good times rolling. I recommend ordering a glass of your favorite beer with their Jerk Chicken Sandwich.

Visit Venice Café at 1903 Pestalozzi St., Saint Louis, MO 63118

Tamm Avenue Grill

You know what would go well with a cold glass of beer? Burgers! Tamm Avenue Grill’s Candied Bacon Burger and Jamaican Mon are personal favorites and what I usually order here. What I love about Tamm Avenue Grill is that they’re part sports bar, making them the perfect weekend hangout spot especially if there’s a game on. The service is also excellent so that’s another thumbs up.

Visit Tamm Avenue Grill at 1227 Tamm Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63139

I have more watering hole reviews in store so kindly visit again soon. This is John Eilermann from St. Louis signing out for now.

Cheers and happy drinking!